• It's still a one page Web site.

    For 10 years, we had a one page Web site with our logo and contact info. While we were busy doing client work, competitors scratched their heads and scrolled around for Easter eggs, clients working with us smiled, and potential clients called us with curiousity. One potential client had a scholarly debate about it. "Creative Tension" has served us well. So now with this latest release of the Methodfuel site, do note: it's still, technically, a one pager. Enjoy, and welcome.

    Methodfuel is a professional services firm located in North Carolina, USA. We specialize in Web design, marketing and development across digital platforms. And we are glad you're here.

  • Hey, is that a tire?

    Methodfuel, Inc. was founded in 2001 by Michael Teague and Susanne Crihfield. Creative partners at a large regional advertising agency in the early 90s, then at an international software firm in the late 90s, we hung out our Methodfuel shingle in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina, in 2001 (well, the actual physical shingle went up outside our door in 2003 after it was handmade by a guy -- yep, that we found on the Internet). Michael and Susanne have worked together since 1995 and have perfected both the method and the fuel (and the morning coffee) required to do great work on the Web.

    We knew early on that Methodfuel would not be a typical company. On the way to a client meeting, on our very first week, while driving on the highway, in the next lane over, right beside us, we saw a single tire rolling loose down the road. It kept pace at 60mph, until it finally rolled off on an arc to the side. Where it came from? What was behind us? Where did it land? No idea. But we learned competition comes from anywhere and sometimes in very unexpected forms. Keep your focus; don't get distracted; always push forward.

  • Like the telephone game, but better.

    You know the kids' game where one kid whispers a story to the next kid in line who then tells the next kid until the last kid hears a story that is completely twisted from the first? Well, our business was built that way, except for the "twisted" part. We rarely do new business pitches. Our business has grown every year due to word-of-mouth recommendations from clients, partners and colleagues. Our secret is that we work to make each client feel like they are our only one.

    Over the last decade, Methodfuel clients have included: VF Jeanswear brands Wrangler and Riders by Lee; Healthtex childrens apparel; Duke University Press; Pergo; Psychometric Services LTD (of the United Kingdom); Magnussen Home; Pulaski Home Furnishings; Schnadig; Vaughan-Bassett; Hooker Furniture; NC Museum of Traditional Pottery; Unifi, Inc.; East Coast Lumber and sister firm Industrial Wood Products; Danaher Tool Group's Craftsman brand; Hanes Brands Body Creations collection; Lees Carpets; Greensboro Bicentennial; LabCorp; Enthalpy Analytical; Stanford University's HighWire Press; BB&T and a wonderful little Italian restaurant called Casaldis Cafe.

    Want to know what we're working on lately? Contact us.

  • Us? Intimidating? Nah.

    Want to know more about Methodfuel? Want to learn more about how we'd approach a project like yours? Want to see exactly how we make our clients happy? Want to come by and meet the team? Or are you just dying to know if all those Methodfuel legends are true ("What? They have a fish light?"; "Really? Michael works in the dark?"; "Are you serious? Ideas taped to the back of white boards?"; "Now, what happened on the first floor again-- something about a sailor and a bucket of stain?"). Contact us. We're easy-going, we're welcoming, we'd love to hear from you now or by phone at 336-373-0500.

  • A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

    Besides sitting through a two hour conference call, one of the hardest things to do is to build a concept, a way of doing business or a process to make things better. To begin takes courage -- what we call "tossin' bricks". A brick is a what-if or a how-about. It can land solidly (nice!) and be a foundation for more bricks. Or it can land in a crumbling thud and be swept aside without fuss or without (we promise!) knee-slapping laughter. This method is how we create work that is great not because of pretenses or because the deadline is tomorrow or because that guy over there is doing it or because the client's boss doodled something on a napkin. Our team and our method of teamwork are our greatest assets.

    Once an idea or concept takes shape we bring it to life with requirements definition, solution architecture, design, copywriting, coding and scripting, programming, software development, usability testing, email marketing, social marketing, online advertising, analytics and strategic growth planning.

    We work to make things easy. If the end goal is smart, with Methodfuel, fresh thinking, solid programming and smart creative are always givens to get there.